Working to support the spinal cord 

injured community


A spinal cord injury is a life changing event. Suddenly your world, or that of family or a friend, is turned upside down. Life takes a different direction and not one that has been planned for.

Everyone copes differently with their changed circumstances and everyone’s circumstances are different. One thing is certain though; you are not alone.

In the midst of care, treatment and therapy that will follow questions will arise and answers need to be found. And yes, contrary to what you might believe in the early days of your injury it will still be possible to lead a positive life, even if it will be different to the one you may have envisaged for yourself.

Sometimes it takes a little help and support to find your new direction, help to focus on a way to go forwards positively with your life.

Talking to someone who has experienced such a life changing event can in itself be a big help to 'unload' some of the concerns you may have. Often a problem shared is a problem halved.

For example you may need help with developing stragegies to cope with new found situations, problem solving or signposting to others with more specialist skills and know-how.

Her mentoring stems from the fact she has 'been there' and her empathy with your situation.

She offers a structured, goal-orientated mentoring programme tailored to each individuals personal requirements, in choice of contact medium; phone, Skype or email. 

Help and support can also be provided to family members, partners and friends.

She has particular experience with tetraplegia, loss of hand function, making the most of rehabilitation opportunties, adaptive aids, managing carers and personal help, women's issues, raising a family, travel, moving house, building up a new network of support, ageing with an SCI as a 'walker', energy management and, promoting action through the power of voice.

Christa is a Back Up Trust accredited mentor and has supported their mentoring team since December 2012 supporting both spinal cord injured individuals and family members.

In July 2013 she was voted the Back Up Trust volunteer of the month in support of their mentoring services and in April 2014 attended a Back Up Trust refresher training weekend for mentors